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It was the beginning of July when I visited the Unec river. In normal conditions the weather would be sunny and very hot. Well, this year, the weather made many surprises, and that day was no exception. All day was cloudy, windy with some raining in the middle – it was like English weather in the spring. Combined with cold water and fishing with less moving along the river brought to very cold feet and hands. Not really a nice feeling in the middle of the summer.

Anyway the fish activity was uneven through the day. Mostly of fishes (mostly graylings) were catched on dry-flies. I also tried with a streamer and had some brown trouts.

Let wait till autumn to try again.


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Hello everyone!
Here in Slovenia the fishing season is more and more influenced by the weather. We have a catastrophic dry season, which also results in low river water levels. In this period most of the fishermen would be in shadow drinking a cold beer – not me! Now is ideal to go fishing if you want to be alone and not to be bothered by others. For this reason we made a choice and went to river Unec, which is well-known for it´s grayling and brown trout. In this part of season is particularly hard to fish – ideal for extremists. Usage of long flourcarbon tippet with small flies is a necessity, slow approach to the water and long casts without any splashes on the surface are only half of success. Maybe even less.

Despite all, we had a good day of fishing.  Just to be in such a beautiful nature means a lot…


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