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The construction of the new rod is in it´s critical phase. Now it must be planed into the final cone form. Before planing the rod must by dry, and for this reason must be dried in a “rod oven” on 190 degrees celsius for 20 minutes. With drying it becomes stronger and more resistant in time.

Once it is dry, it should be planed into the final form as soon as possible and glue together, so that doesn´t accumulate humidity.

For this operation we need a special stencil on wich we can regulate the depth of the strip. This operation is very time-consuming and requires patience and a very sharp planer. After this phase is done we can glue the strips together into the final hexagonal shape.  But that will be explained in the next post…








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Hello everyone!

The fly-fishing season 2012 on some rivers already begun and i´m already counting down the days to the opening season on my Vipava river.

But in this period i will spend more time to make a new custom-made bamboo fly-fishing rod. It will be a 2 pieces, 7 feet, line 4 rod for dry flies and smaller nymphs. I will make a slightly different model as the “Sir Darryl” special made from Wayne Cattanach. Rod makers usually made 2 tippets, i will made only one.

First of all it is obligatory to cut the bamboo pole to several pieces and regulate their straightness with fire. Because the rod will have a hexagonal shape,  we will need six pieces for each part. The pieces must be planed in special stencils with a planer, to obtain a triangular shape. All six pieces put together will made its characteristic hexagonal shape. All this work requires a lot of time and patience.


To be continued…


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To every fisherman happened that gone fishing was just an excuse to go into the nature, to calm down from everyday´s fast way of life, to recharge the batteries… and the fishes weren´t the goal. One time happened to me and then I realized how important this kind of thinking is.

Like in all capitalistic countries, we are bombarded with every kind of commercials in all media (written, spoken…), which caused less patience and satisfaction. Now we must have all and now. Why? Is really that necessary? All I can say is that if we care about us and others, we should be more patient and less greedy.

The same is in fishing. I don´t need to fish all day, trying to catch my 15-th fish. Just 1 hour could be enough.

We must observe the nature, feel it and not just use it.

Less is more.



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