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Autumn is without any doubt the best period for fishing graylings on Vipava river. They are aware that winter is coming so they don´t hesitate to bite the offered fly or nymph. If we add the beautiful colors of the nature that goes into deserved rest… As a flyfisherman I can´t expect more.

When the morning fog disappear and the sun rays touch the water, than the magic begins. Mayflies and sedges start to emerge and the fishes start to rise. The day with sunlight is shorter so the fishes are feeding with more intensity.

In this period I like to fish with f-flies in natural colorations tied on #16 hook. For nymphs I use bigger hooks, because they are not so careful as in summer.

The results are always good.






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One thing is certain. Fly fishing is not only catching the fish. Yes, the feeling when a fish strikes a fly is unbelievable, but there is more, much more…

Maybe “more” is the reason why some foreign fisherman that come to fish in Slovenia stay astonished. One word: surroundings!

For those that lives in such places is more difficult to appreciate the nature the same as for those that come from abroad.

This happened in august when I took a foreign fisherman with me to enjoy one fishing day on Soca river. Despite the fishes weren´t so active we had a great day, and like he told me, the quantity is not important when fishing in such place. I agree with him.


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To every fisherman happened that gone fishing was just an excuse to go into the nature, to calm down from everyday´s fast way of life, to recharge the batteries… and the fishes weren´t the goal. One time happened to me and then I realized how important this kind of thinking is.

Like in all capitalistic countries, we are bombarded with every kind of commercials in all media (written, spoken…), which caused less patience and satisfaction. Now we must have all and now. Why? Is really that necessary? All I can say is that if we care about us and others, we should be more patient and less greedy.

The same is in fishing. I don´t need to fish all day, trying to catch my 15-th fish. Just 1 hour could be enough.

We must observe the nature, feel it and not just use it.

Less is more.



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This river (in Slovene Rižana) is situated in south-western part of Slovenia near the Slovenian Koper and Italian Trieste city. Despite it´s shortness of 14 kilometers, it is very attractive for fisherman’s. One of the reasons is it´s big population of native species, with Marble trout as a leader.  Because it is smaller, fishes are more cautious and harder to catch. It really demands a lot of  skills to track them, without spook them. In summer time it´s possible to see big number of gammarus or “scuds” (Gammarus fossarum) concentrating together in procreation process.

Fishing season starts 1 st. of March and ends on 30 November. The best period for fishing is in spring and autumn, when the water level is highier.  Only allowed technique is fly-fishing with barbless hooks.


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