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Hello to all

Waiting for the new salmonid fishing season is now over. As on many rivers in Slovenia also on Vipava river the season starts on 1-st of April. Lack of snow on mountains caused lower water level as usual, but despite I am more into fly-fishing I decided to use a spinning rod. For this season a new regulation for salmonids started: only one single hook per lure/spinner; all to avoid greater damage in trouts mouth.

I started in early morning hoping to catch a big trout, but I wasn´t so lucky. I fished for no more than 4 hours and despite all I realized some catches and had a few bites. Some very nice trout also came back to my lure but didn´t attack it. After the fishing I met some colleagues and the fishing turn into some nice discussion about fishing experiences, lure modeling… I will have plenty of time to replace the “action” of the first day.








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New fly-fishing season is here! Some Slovenian fishing associations have opened their rivers to fish salmonids on 1.march. Me and my friend Martin took advantage of this situation and went to river Rizana. This small river always prepare a surprise and no difference was this time.

Due heavy raining during the night, the water level raised 30 centimeters and so the water conditions were almost prohibited. The only good places to fish were under small dams and right after river curves, where the water swirled and slowed down it´s speed. We used heavy nymphs and streamers in bright colours. Despite bad conditions (we also had some rain periods) we realised some brown trout catches.

Despite all it was a good start of the season. Hope it will last till the end…










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After more than 3 months of lower water level, finally the Vipava river raised significantly. Water flushed all organic residues that were accumulating over the summer and gave rebirth of it´s inhabitants. Even the water level was high and the wather promised more rain I grabbed the opportunity and went fishing for a few hours.

It soon became clear that my optimism had good foundations. The fishes were very active on my streamers despite turbid water. I caught marble trout, rainbow trout, but the “winner” of the day was a beautiful brown trout. I had also more bites without a catch but it didn´t bothered me, because that´s fishing.

At the end the weather said that it had enough of waiting and sent a heavy rai so I didn´t have any option as to go home… But who cared at that time – I already had my fishing plan done.








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Whenever I go to Radovna I expect a fully day of memorable memories and my last visit was no exception. Maybe the only exception was that the river has even more native brown trout as usual. I was fishing with my friend Martin, mostly in the upper part of the river. Most of the fishes were caught on dry-fly. Beautiful surroundings made the day even more memorable.

Welcome to try.








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Do you imagine the day where every thing is against you or goes wrong? This happened to me last sunday on Vipava river.

It was a cloudy afternoon and I went to “catch and release” part. The water was a little higher than normal, clean and cold. Fishes were active on the surface and on the bottom. I started with a big nymph and had at least 5 bites but without any realisation. Than I changed to smaller nymph and the story repeated. Again I changed the nymph to even smaller size and realized one brown trout. Than I tried with a CDC dry-fly to catch any graylings who were rising, and yet the same story: byte without realisation… Like I was a rookie!!!

Under one bush I had a big wild rainbow on but it break the line and the day went “even better”. At the end of the fishing I catched two graylings and went back home.

I didn´t count how many bites I had that day, but I am sure it was more than 20, with only 3 fishes in my net. Let´s hope I will improve my score next time…






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This winter wasn´t very rich with snow, and the same was in spring with rain. The result was very clean and low Vipava river. Heavy rain that came was a benefit for all. Fishermen were no exception. Most of them went to the lower part of Vipava river to fish wells catfish. Well, i decided to go upstream, till the beginning of our district (Kasovlje dam), because I got that feeling that something would happen there.

When i arrived i saw that the water was high and turbid, perfect for streamers. After an hour of fishing i made a cast to some stones and after a second i felt a big strike. I knew that i caught a marble trout, because  the fish tried to go to the bottom with some hard pushes. I was very nervous because i had a 0.16 tippet, but it all went good and my net lied a beautiful marble trout of 60 centimeters. After a quick picture it was released and all pleased decided that is time to move to another position. There i made some casts and again BUM. Another big marble strike my streamer but in this time luck was on her side. I must mention that after i catched a nice chub and a small brown trout and had also 2 other strikes that i didn´t realized…

“I got a feeling” made me very happy.


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The Reka river (Reka in Slovene means river) is situated in south-western part of Slovenia. It is a 50 kilometers long river with karstic features. It´s main characteristic is that disappears underground and has the longest (30 kilometers) underground path of all Slovenian rivers. After that it springs as the river Timavo in Italy, near village Duino between Trieste and Monfalcone and outflows in the gulf of Trieste.

The main attraction for fishermen is the native marble trout and brown trout, which is represented in large number. In small quantity also the rainbow trout is represented.

The only allowed technique is fly-fishing. The season starts from 1.march till 31.October. The best period for fishing is in spring.


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