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This event is organised by Rence Fishing Association in middle of November every year, and that is why is called after St. Martin. This years rain really makes a lot of problems for fishing events and no difference was this time. Because of high water it was skipped two weeks successively.

Finally it was managed this sunday in beautiful autumn sunny weather. We were 27 competitors arranged in 9 teams. The water level was a little higher and a little turbid than usually…

We were distributed in 3 sectors composed of one fisherman per team. The competition started at 10 in the morning, we were there two hour before to prepare our equipment, groundbait, bait etc. We started to feed with groundbait and maggots 5 minutes before the start. And then it started…

I mainly used my 7 meters Daiwa pole, with some minutes with 5 meters Ignesti Magnum bolognese rod. I had a lot of bites and a lot of them ended with a catch.

The competition lasted 4 hours and it was extremely successful. My goal was to beat my record of 7 kilograms and I did it, with 8,880 kilograms of Common Nase. I reached 6 place in my sector. The thing that made me a little disappointed was that I mainly catched equal number or even more than the others, but the fishes were smaller despite of others who had bigger ones (the best result was 22 kilograms!!!). I still don´t have the answer to that, I hope that I will have it when I will analyze all more clearly.

Now I can only say that I hope that next year will be better and with more competitors. See you next year on St. Martin´s competition! Everyone invited.








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Conger or conger eel. This snake lookalike predator fish is very common in the Adriatic sea. It lives in holes on the bottom and goes out in the dark to feed.

It was a sunny day after a long rainy period so we decided to go to the sea. The Adriatic sea was calm and still very cold, but our expectations were high. And we were right…

We started in the evening and fished till midnight. As bait we were using whole sardines, tied on steel wire fishing leaders with hooks no.2. The catches were intensive, with some conger eels of around 5 kilograms.

Despite low temperatures we were warmed up by numerous catches.

Looking forward to new fly fishing season.




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